Cowdogs, a coonhound and one stoveup Cowpoke
by Butch Kiger

Had a dog wreck the other day ,,,my stupidity, but oh well!!!! Took all the dogs for a run one day last week. The walker found an old coon track and the Catahoulas were helpin' out. He went over into a field that had a bunch of yearlings on it. They (cattle) had chased some neighbors' dogs out of the field before !!!! Well they came after Frosty [coon hound] and he dropped his tail to leave. Good, now I know he won`t mess with cows !!! 

ENTER THE SOUND OF BUGLES AND THE CALVARY ,,,,, yep you got it ,,,The (3) Catahoulas said no way ,,you ain`t pushin our pal around !!! Cows scattered,,,cows gathered, cows scattered,,, cows put in a bunch, lol lol ,,, OK now the walker thinks oh yeah I can do this ,,,,,,,,,Here I am chasen the walker on foot and callin the Catahoulas !!!!!!!!!! Well, they called off ,,,,Rosie was the last one,,,she has always been intense... But now the walker won`t stop,,,he ain`t broke to call off of cows #$#@%$% !!!!!!!!!!! 

I can`t get to him and lead the other dogs so when he comes by like 100 yards or so ,,I let go of the Catahoulas and make a mad dash for him Yellin no no no and swearin like a mad man, lol lol ,,,OOOOOOHHHH YEAHHHHHH Walker dog disappears into the cedars with a cow ,,and doesn`t say another word !!!!!!! NOW I am callin the stock dogs again $#@%^%$#@ lol lol OK good here they come ...good dog, good dog, come ,,,good girl, Rosie come ,,,Rosie Come ,,,HANK NO NO NO ,,,,, TUCK DOWN, DOWN, I SAID DOWN!!!!!!!!!! $#@^  NO NOT YOU ROSIE, your a good girl, come come come ,,,HANK YOU SON OF A @@@@ no no NO Tuck, you stay ,,stayy sssssstttttttaaayyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!! Good boy ...thats a boy, Hank [got him ] Rosie come here [ got my hands on Tuck at this point] and good girl, goood girllllllllllll GOTCHA!! YES !!!! LOL LOL !!!!!!!!!! 

Now take them to the truck ,,,,,,load them take em home ,,put them in the kennels ,,call my friends to come from both ends of the creek bottom and to be lookin and  listening for that walker dog ,,,,and if he is on livestock to do what it takes to stop him !! Alls well that ends well ,,,when he saw he didn`t have any help anymore ,,and that he was about to get some comeupens he left that pasture and was across the road waitin to be picked up lol lol ,,,I don`t think he  would of barked at em if the Catahoulas hadn`t of ,,,and they wouldn`t of bothered them with out the word from me,,except the cattle was after their pal and they weren`t gonna stand for it !!! 

I`ll have to be sure and not have the Catahoulas with him if the property has cows on it lol lol >>> Hope this gave you a smile,,,,you can sure send it around if you know someone who needs a laff ,,and don`t mind snikkeren at a danged ol Nebraska Cowboy wanta be lol lol.              

Hey ,,can I tell you the story about a salesman who came by Kigers' while Tucker [ 2 blue eyes] and Hank [one blue] are runnin loose in the yard ????? The moral of the story is,,,when the dogs are upward of 60 lbs a piece,,and they stand and look in the compact car flat footed to see if there is a treet for them ,,,,,and someone to throw the stick for them,,,,,, The traveling salesman keeps right on TRAVELING!!!!!

Nebraska cowboy Butch Kiger is an old hand with cattle, horses, and coonhounds, but still busy learning from his cowdogs just how things are done. In his spare time, Butch dabbles in Cowboy Poetry.

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