Cowdog Photo Gallery


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Thanks Michelle Weese of Lock-Eye
Border Collies, Westville, OK,  for being
our first contributor to the Cowdog Gallery.

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Red Cearley's "Josh" taken at the Pintlala
Stock Dog Trial in Montgomery, AL

Nobody taught poor Josh how
to work flying cows!

Mike, Cut'n Loose Mi Kinda Cowboy,
sent in by Jamie Burns

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Mikelowhead.jpg (14649 bytes)

Thanks again, Steve and Jamie Burns

Catahoula dogs from Windridge Farms, CA

Wndrg_cowdog2.jpg (22283 bytes)
Mllrmn_cowdgs.jpg (14854 bytes)

Paul Millerman Catahoulas, CA

Working Trial Champion RED BOB
an ACD rescue, owned/trained by Ron Green,
Nine Mile Falls, WA
Bob_says_move_along.jpg (19434 bytes)
Bob_showing_cattle.jpg (23710 bytes) WTCH RED BOB again, showin' 'em where to go.
Thanks, Ron Green!
From Michelle Weese of Lock-Eye
Border Collies, Westville, OK 
Patchskit'em.jpg (14250 bytes)
tye_cowdog.jpg (18875 bytes) Collage courtesy of Michelle Weese.
Thanks Michelle and Faye Amos.
Part of  foundation Border Collie kennel
of Charles Long, Overton, TX .
Photo taken in the early 80's



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