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Gold Star - Sweetwater working Catahoula Leopards since 1971.
Breeding performance first, intelligence and conformation second, color last.
~ Established 1971 ~

"Breeding for any other purpose without also selecting
for truly high quality working genes will inevitably result
in the dilution of the working instinct within the breed."
-From Genetics of the Border Collie a comprehensive overview of breeding
which applies to all working dog breeds.

Gold Star Catahoulas working cattle
Tyler Bayou and Wolf River's Nikki with Gold Star's MuchoCleo (bobtail)
cowdogs, cattledogs, cow hands, cowdog, hog dogs, cattledog, cow hand, cow/hog dogs, cowdogs, cow smart cowdogs, hogdogs, cattledog, cow work

Producing working dogs from working parents with championship conformation.
Young started cowdogs occasionally available throughout the year.

THANKS our 2005 new owners who drove from New Jersey, North Carolina,
Georgia (2), Texas (5), and Oklahoma (3) to get their pups. This litter
is proving to be exceptionally talented and athletic.

Gold Star Catahoulas Puppy  Gold Star Catahoulas Puppy  Gold Star Catahoulas Puppy
Here's a sample of what we raise, all sired by Gold Star's Iceman ("Steel").

Located in Norman, Oklahoma
We do not ship! Transport is buyer's responsibility.

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Gold Star puppies are not raised in the house and overly handled as babies
because Gold Star dogs have dispositions bred INTO them, not "put on them" by excessive
socialization and handling. Yes, they are handled and wormed regularly, and by the time our
puppies are sent to their new homes they will come running when called and go into their pens
when asked. All the new owner needs to do is continue with a consistent handling routine
and the same kind of socialization recommended for all of the working breeds...
basic obedience and firm, constant supervision.
We have spent several decades sifting our breeding stock to be able to produce the kind of
reliable disposition that is ready to work and hunt and willing to listen and please out in the wide
open spaces, as well as in fenced pastures and other enclosed areas. We regularly hold back pups
from each litter to check our breeding program, and have on several occasions raised more than
half a litter to the age of 1 year or older just to be sure we were producing the best Catahoulas
possible. This has required extensive research, thoughtful planning, much time and expense.
Show Championships are nice, and we have won our share in horse competition, AKC Dalmatians,
and with Catahoulas, but Championships are only one tool to be utilized in measuring quality.
Performance is the ultimate and that doesn't come cheap, but a good dog is worth every penny.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a disease-free "closed" kennel, no outside breedings done!!
We had only one dog currently on the show circuit which might have been exposed to
the recent and tragic outbreak of Brucellosis, and he was tested clear before
returning to his new home (as a working cowdog) in Texas.

OFA "Good"
Shown briefly in '99 & 2000
1999 NALC Calif. - 1st - 1 year & older males, never sired
2000 NALC Calif. - 1st - Proven sires class

plus 2 wins in California's ARBA conformation competition.
Thanks to Rod, Kathe & Dylan Thompson for allowing "Steel" to come back to us.

Gold Star Catahoulas top sire

Sired by our CH of CH WOLF RIVER'S ISMO (1994-2003) NALC, UKC
CH of CH Wolf River's Ismo
Full brother to 1998 NALC Grand Champion of Champions 

(CCBA Hog Dog and conformation Champion/ARBA
Conformation Champion/NALC Hog Dog and conformation Champion)
"IZZY"worked cattle and hogs and was loved by all who met him.


09/29/07 - Gonzales, LA NALC show
Congratulations !! Gold Star's Black Bart
Third place Hip Certified Males
Owned and shown by
Jan Amis of Oregon.

05/06/2006 - DeKalb, TX NALC show
Congratulations !!
Gold Star's Amber
First place in the 6 year and older class for Paige and dad James Browning of Warren, TX

02/26/05 - Chiefland, FL NALC show
Congratulations !!
Gold Star's Max

2nd in a class of 19, 1 - 2 yr.old males - never sired a litter. Shown by Overton's Catahoulas
of Astatula, Florida, and owned by Gold Star Catahoulas of Oklahoma. Thanks Anne & Don
for your efforts on MAX's behalf !!

10/13/04 - California NALC show
Congratulations !!
Gold Star's Black Bart
4th in Hip Certified Males after losing part of a hind toe to an angry cow.
Owned and shown by Jan Amis of Oregon. Thanks Jan for your dedication to this dog.
Bart is also learning to work hogs!

10/25/03 - Tupelo, MS NALC show
!! Gold Star's Mexia 3rd place 6 -12 mon. females,
and Gold Star's Memphis Belle 4th place 6 -12 mon. females,
Belle is owned by Gold Star Catahoulas of Oklahoma
Gold Star's CH Boogie, 3rd place 6 -12 mon. males.

10/11/03 - Ione, CA  NALC show
!! Gold Star's Black Bart, 2nd place 1 - 2 yr.old males never sired a litter.
Black Bart & kennelmate South Slough's Ruby also gathered up Novice Cowdog honors
their first time in competition for owner Jan Amis of Oregon. (Photo taken at home in Oregon.)

10/11/03 - Columbus, TX  ACA show
!! Gold Star's Mexia 1st place 6 - 9 month females;
Gold Star's MuchoCleo 2nd place 1 - 3 yr.old Females.
Gold Star's MuchoCleo 2nd place (teamed with WR N-Bleu Cotton) in 2-Dog B-bay
and Reserve High Point Female (B-bay).

Gold Star's Marie Laveau won 3rd place in the 2-Dog B-bay teamed with Double R's Colonel.
Gold Star's Marie Laveau won 2nd place in the 2-Dog A-bay teamed with Stones Throw's Colby G.
"MEXI", CLEO, & MARIE are owned by the Pates of Texas

~ Feb. 2003 Congratulations to UKC CHAMPION Gold Star's Lizzie ~
on finishing her NALC DUAL Conformation CHAMPION title
Lizzie10200.jpg (48120 bytes)
Finished at the Feb. 2003 Florida NALC show for owner Claudia Cuevas
of Pass Christian, MS (Wolf River Kennels)

11/09/02 - Tupelo, MS NALC Show
!! Gold Star's Amber 2nd place, and Gold Star's Lizzie 3rd !!
NALC Hip Certified class, Tupelo, MS
Thanks to James Browning (owner of Amber) and Claudia Cuevas (owner of Lizzie)

02/23/2002 - NALC Florida Show
Gold Star's Lizzie (CH of CH Wolf RIver Ismo x CH Aden's WR Roja Linda)
Best In Show Female !!
Congratulations to owner Claudia Cuevas of Wolf River Catahoulas!
"Lizzie" is also tied for 3rd in UKC's 2002 listing of Top Ten Catahoulas (shown twice, 2 wins)
12/22/2001 - We jumped up and went to an open baying at Talco, TX.
Tyler Bayou and Wolf River's Nikki had a heckuva good run... 1/2 point off first place.
Both got flipped (twice), and both wound up covered with mud.
(PHEW!! Hogpen mud STINKS!!)
There were 3 teams with 29 1/4..... we had 29 1/2....... another 1/4 point and we'd have been
in a bay-off for 1st-2nd & 3rd (they only pay 3 places there), but an extra 1/2 point would have
won us the whole thing. Not TOO bad, considering this was just their 4th out during the entire year!
See their style here in a practice session, their first time on cattle
12/01/02 Tyler Bayou and Wolf River's Nikki with Gold Star's MuchoCleo (bobtail)

Congratulations to Tyler Bayou & Wolf River's Nikki, 3rd place Two Dog 'A' Class
Hog Bay (3 hogs in the pen) at Fairfield, TX, Apr. 29, 2001 out of 32 competitors.
3rd place Two Dog open hog bay at Talco, TX, Jan. 27, 2001.
Tyler Bayou also tied for 3rd place (teamed with Circle C Boudreaux)
in the Two Dog at Full Boar Baypen, Myrtle Springs, TX, June 2000 baying.
Tyler's lifetime outs totaled about two dozen times in front of a real hog, including practice sessions.
She gave the same performance every time out, steady and solid, her 50 lbs. of fierceness
in the baypen belying her usual calm personality. Tyler Bayou was the kind of outstanding
individual which rarely comes along, and we are grateful she came to us. Deceased '05.
Congratulations to Gold Star's Amber teamed with Hank, 3rd place B Class Two Dog Hog Bay
at the 2001 NALC Labor Day Show, Gonzales, LA.  Amber and Hank are both
owned by Browning Catahoulas of Warren, TX.
Congratulations to Gold Star's Amber, winning her first official baypen competition
June, 2001 at Village Mills Baypen, TX, teamed with Hank in the Two Dog event.
Amber and Hank are owned by Browning Catahoulas of Warren, TX.
Congratulations to Gold Star's Jewel (by CH/CH Wolf River's Ismo x CH Aden's WR Roja Linda),
Reserve High Point female for B Class Hog Bay at the Spring 2000 ACA show.
Congratulations to Gold Star's Ice Man (Steel) & owners Rod, Kathy, & Dylan Thompson
on Steel's 1999 and 2000 wins in California's ARBA & NALC conformation competition.
won 2nd in a "B" Hog Baying class of 37 entries at the Fairfield NALC show 4/25/99.
CH ROJA LINDA was also Reserve High Point female for B Class Hog Bay!

(1992-2004) ARF, UKC
Open Working Cowdog Champion
(Stoney Rebel x Gretchen Mac)
"Always at the right place at the right time. He is sorely missed."

Gold Star Catahoulas' UKC sire MR. Sweetwater (1993-2004)

See his pups working here.
His Great Granddam, Foundation matron MAMA MAUD (aka "MamaDog"),
and her son PETE MAC (his Maternal GrandSire) are pictured in my book
and on the Catahoula Leopard Dog breed history page.
Puppies, started dogs and breeding stock are occasionally available from this
supremely intelligent and sound family line whose origins trace directly to Indian stock
from the reservation near Jonesville and Catahoula Lake in NE Louisiana.

Congratulations to these new friends who found the
Catahoulas of their dreams in our kennel:

R. Luga, HI; conformation & baypen multi point earner
T. Feldman, MI; show prospect
D. Sharer, Costa Rica; brood/cowdog/companion
J & S Kenney, KS; 4 SAR/NARC prospects
B. Collins, OK; 3 working cowdogs
K. Thompson, CA; conformation point earner, stud prospect
R. Rasico Family, KS; watchdog/companion
T. Huffman, AR; show/brood prospect
S. Wilson, OK; cowdog/companion
C. Blair, CO; cowdog/companion
S.Carroll, VA; show/stud prospect
M. Graham, OK; 3 cowdogs/show prospects
B.T. & C.Herman, OK; cow-hogdog/companion
B & J McClamrock, NC; cowdog/stud prospect
J. Vaughn, TX; hunting prospect
Lapp family, NY; 2 farm dogs/guard dogs
S.Kiger, NE; 2 cowdogs/show and breeding prospects
R.Wahl family, KS; farm dog/companion
L. Lindsay, GA; 1hog dog, 2 cowdog/hunting prospects
J. Browning, TX; show/baypen/hunting/brood prospect
J. Webb, CO; show/cowdog/brood prospect
M. Jordan, LA; 3 show/cowdog/brood prospects
B. Rice, TX; show/trials/hunt/brood prospect
L. Graham, TX; show/cowdog/brood prospect
M.&B.Pate, TX; 2 show/cowdog/brood prospects
L. Lindsey, GA; another hogdog prospect
R. Smith, TX; companion/hunting prospect
J. Amis, OR; companion/cowdog
P. Bennett, OK; show/companion/trials prospect
L. McCarthy, FL; show prospect
S. Samford, LA; show/hogdog prospect
J.Potter, TX; agility/companion
K.Wallace, OK; farm dog
Dan Richarz, CA; farm dog
D. Campbell, NM; farm dog
M. Marquez, GA; farm dog
J.&S. Barfield, TX; cowdog/companion
E.&S. Haynes, TX; watchdog/companion
J.Braman, TX; 2 started cowdogs
G.Gray, TX; started cowdog
M. Heaney, NJ; cowdog/watchdog
C.Thompson, NC; cowdog/watchdog
L.Lindsay, GA; 2 hogdogs
Fomby Farms, TX; cowdog
J&U Allen, TX; cowdog/hogdog
T.Irvin, TX; cowdog
T.Mathews, OK; hog/coondog
K.Henzler, OK; watchdog/companion

Puppies and started dogs occasionally available of top bloodlines from a breeding
program studded with conformation champions and exceptional working ability.
We have personal knowledge of 3 to 6 generations of our dogs' ancestors, and
have bred many of those ancestors. YES, these dogs WORK!
And they look pretty while they work.

...has  MOVED back to Central Oklahoma!!!

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"Continuing in the historic tradition of the original Catahoula --
an all-purpose dog that works both cows and hogs, trails big and small game,
guards the family and homestead, and excels as a companion."

Charter Member of NALC Texas ('92)
NALC Certified Breeder
Raising and working Catahoulas since 1971.

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