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Mission: To serve and inform new Catahoula enthusiasts as well as experienced
breeders and competitors in all areas where Catahoulas hunt or compete.
Statement of Editorial Policy for CatahoulaLeopard.Com and Catahoula.Net
The articles and links contained on these pages do not necessarily reflect my own
opinions or beliefs, but are presented here to enable everyone to research
these subjects and form their own opinions. - Linda McKay, Editor
Early Cur History:
Focusing on the Leopard Cur
Men, Mice and Merle:
Breeders take heed!
There is more in common than appears
on the surface. 

Pedigrees On The Web:
Input your Catahoula pedigrees here
and help build a database which  we can all
use to research our favorite bloodlines.

Catahoula Contacts:
Hog Hunting:

Texas Outdoors Wild Boar Hunting
Message Board at
has good info on all phases of hog hunting.'s hoghunt BBS
A good place to talk with hunters who use
dogs on hogs & many other kinds of game.
Homepage of Hunters Against Animal
Rights Madness -- are so-called animal
lovers engaging in activism or terrorism?
Hog Hunting in South Texas
Whether or not you're a woods hunter,
here's a whale of a tale.
Why the fascination with feral hogs?
Hog Huntin' Tales
Jane Moody talks about hunting
hogs in Florida.
Anti-Hunting? Stop And Think
There are two sides to everything.

General Interest:
A Beginner's Guide
Introduction to excerpts from
our popular book. For ordering
information CLICK HERE.
-----"Pete" From Chapter 9
-------He lives in my heart forever.
Tips and Tricks
Solving everyday problems, or,
"How DO I outsmart this thing?"
Email your questions for this column.
The Slink
This Catahoula cross knows what his job

is and takes it VERY seriously.

Canine Encyclopedia

Now you can look up those obscure and

exotic diseases you've always wondered about. 

Canine Health Care

By Dr. Lowell Ackerman, veterinary

dermatologist, author and lecturer.


One natural supplement that may

relieve age related discomforts.

All About Minca
Tagged the"agility attack Catahoula"
by fellow competitors, Minca attracts
attention for the breed.
Catahoulas In Agility

Brand new page devoted entirely to

Catahoulas which have earned their

Agility titles. A must-see!

Cajun is the first Catahoula champion
in a new sport tailor-made for
Catahoula talents, and he's on the
Hawkeye Hustlers Flyball team.

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but we love it

May Mother Earth nurture you
And Father Sky send smiling sunshine and warm rain.
May the voices of the Four Winds whisper comfort
And the Great Spirit hold you in his arms until we meet again.



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